Years of experience, proven quality

Sustainable, player-friendly and affordable. These qualities best characterize Edel Elite LSR tennis floors. The courts are installed on top of a structure designed according to the standards of national and international sports associations. On top of the stable base, we install the 20 mm Edel Elite LSR artificial grass top layer. Thanks to the LSR (Low Slide Resistance) yarns that remain flexible even at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, you can play on the system the whole year through as it always retains its good playing characteristics, offering controlled sliding conditions without the risk of harming the turf. The system must be sand filled until below the top, so that the court keeps a nice appearance and players will play on the fibres. This gives Edel Elite LSR an extremely comfortable feel. Players can easily pivot, turn and slide with a reduced risk of injuries. Edel Elite LSR is available in olive green and clay red with white or yellow line markings.

Product characteristics

  • All weather surface for year around usage
  • Uniform performance throughout the year
  • Player-friendly (no stress on joints)
  • Low maintenance
  • No sprinklers or watering
  • Integrated play lines for consistent bounce even off the lines
  • Maximum durability
  • ITF Classified Court Pace 3 (medium)


  • Tennis Courts
  • Multi Courts