Value for money, fitness for use

The Edel Soccer Superblade Duo is a system based on the traditional monofilament fibre. Over the years, pitches made of this fibre have proven themselves as a substrate for football. The fibres’ triangular shape ensures durability and guarantees a high performance throughout the its lifespan. The Edel Soccer Superblade Duo system has been designed for use in combination with various substrates and infill materials. This enables Edel Grass to supply a customized system for any conceivable location.

Product characteristics

  • Good playing properties: the pitch retains the correct ball roll
  • High durability due to the triangular shape of the TenCate fibre
  • The fibre keeps its ‘look and feel’ throughout its lifespan
  • Bi-colour, profiled triangular shaped fibre
  • U.V.-stable
  • Reduced glare
  • Economical solution for community use
  • Multi use; FIFA* and FIH National Standard


  • Professional Stadium Quality
  • FIFA**